SABLA Health and Safety Plan

In accordance with guidelines set by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Centers for Disease Control, Souderton Area Boys Lacrosse Association (SABLA) will return to play with the following safety and action plan. The policy will be updated and/or amended as required in order to comply with the State and local guidelines.

Compliance with the SABLA Healthy and Safety Plan will be mandatory for all participants, coaches, referees, spectators, and volunteers. Any non-compliance with these guidelines will result in suspension or ejection from SABLA.


  • All families will receive communication of our Health and Safety Plan before our season begins.
  • All families will be asked to sign a COVID Waiver before the start of our season. That waiver is included in our registration documents.
  • A copy of this Policy will be posted on the SABLA Website.
  • It is mandatory that coaches, referees, players and parents following the guidelines listed below to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

~ Hand Hygiene (Frequent hand washing or use of hand sanitizer)

~ Masks must be worn by coaches, spectators and volunteers during the entire rental period if event is indoor.

~Masks must be worn by athletes as they walk into and out of the indoor facility.  Once

helmets and mouth guards are put on, players may remove masks.

~ At least six feet social distancing when possible. When not actively participating in the

practice or game, players should remain six feet apart.

~ Shared equipment must be sanitized frequently.

~ Staying home when not feeling well or exhibiting signs of COVID-19


Coach, Player, Referee, and Volunteer Mandatory Requirements:

Each coach, participant, and any other volunteer entering any of our facilities will be required to perform the following actions prior to the start of every practice or game:

  • Anyone demonstrating cold-like symptoms will not be allowed in the facility and will be asked to leave immediately. Please do not bring your child to the facility if they are sick and/or experiencing COVID-like symptoms.
  • Players are responsible to bring their own water bottles. There will be no sharing.

Sanitation Expectations for Coaches, Players, Volunteers and Referees:

  • SABLA encourages all participants to carry their own bottle of hand sanitizer in their car and sanitize immediately before entering the facility.

Spectator Attendance, Rules and Protocols:

  • Spectators are permitted and should be masked when indoors. Masks are optional outdoors.
  • Families should avoid carpooling when possible.

Coaches Guidance:

  • Ensure the health and safety of all players/participants.
  • Coaches will be required to wear a mask during all indoor practices and games. Masks are optional outdoors.
  • Coaches must monitor players for any COVID-19 symptoms while on the sideline.
  • Post-game meetings can occur, but with proper social distancing.

Identification of COVID-19 Exposure:

  • Parents of participants need to immediately notify Kevin Lister, SABLA Health and Safety Coordinator, if the participant or someone in the participant’s home has tested positive for or been identified as a close contact to someone with COVID-19.
  • In the event that your player is exposed, is experiencing symptoms, or they or someone in their household has tested positive for Covid-19, you must IMMEDIATELY contact SABLA Health and Safety Coordinator, Kevin Lister at with the following information:

o Head Coach’s name

o Date of the start of symptoms

o Date of presumptive positive or positive test result for COVID-19

o Known participants who encountered your child


  • SABLA will notify families and participants who are known to have been at the facility at the same time as the exposed or infected individual. We will follow all CDC Guidelines and HIPAA regulations on confidentiality of all participants. SABLA will notify the Montgomery County Health Department regarding all known positive infections.
  • Participants who have come into contact with a presumptive positive or positive COVID-19 individual will not be allowed at any games or practices for at least 5 days from the date of the positive test or first date of symptoms, depending on vaccination status. If identified as a close contact through school, players will be allowed to return when they are allowed to return to the classroom. SABLA will accept the SASD “Test to Stay” results to return to SABLA events.